This is the website for a drone pilot based in Suffolk, to be getting found on-line ready for when the pilot has passed his Ofqual & CAA Accredited PfCO Training.

You can’t actually buy from GH6 until later this year. Please do register your interest by emailing below. A response will not be received as a clear statement that no money can be made from the equipment until CAA Accredited PfCO Training has been completed and successfully passed and permission granted. We will be in-touch when certification for photography and video footage can be sold and profit made at the time of passing the CAA Accredited PfCO Training.

Anyone using a drone for profit, business purposes or financial gain or rewards needs to have “Permissions for Commercial Operations”  permissions granted by the CAA.



Based near Ipswich Suffolk.

Privacy policy can be seen here /privacy-policy/

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Home page banner image is where Nacton School for Girls used to be, in Nacton Village Ipswich.