Commercial drone photography for Suffolk and Essex. Port Of Felixstowe.

Port Of Felixstowe Drone Images

While there are many many regulations around flying, we can always advise you on what can and can’t be done. We will not even consider anything unethical, unfair or unrealistic and will only work to the guidelines set out by the CAA and governing bodies around flying UAV’s in the UK.

You don’t have to own the land or building you want images of but there is an ethical consideration to be made with any photography and this is considered with any request.

You don’t often need permission to fly over a property but what can be done with images may have consideration to be taken in to account.

We certainly won’t spy on anyone, anything and if something seems ‘not quite right’ we will not continue with your request.

The image seen is Orwell House, Ferry Ln, Felixstowe Suffolk, and the Port Of Felixstowe with the Trinity Terminal and docks cranes, haulage yards and the 24hour BP petrol station at Felixstowe.

Examples of commercial drone images.
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