Live drone flight experience Would you like to see your own house, farm, business or venture from above in real time?

Get someone the gift of a picture of their home with them watching the whole process through our goggles that actually make you feel like you are flying above your home – we do advise you sit down and we will need to take the headset off very slowly!

Have a drone pilot come to you and fly above you while you watch from the ground. View what the drone sees in 4k quality with the latest 4k virtual reality googles. You can the direct your pilot to line up the perfect shot or just get a different perspective of what you would like to see from above.

This service isn’t limited to just photo’s, the whole experience can be recorded direct to an SD card for playback at any time. Just tell the pilot standing beside you what direction, height and rotation to achieve and the camera will go in any direction you need it to. You can just sit and enjoy what we would normally do if you aren’t sure what you would like done.

Legal limitations and areas may apply but this is all agreed and set out before the visit.