Getting the right light to be in place before aerial photography is set up is important as much as any photographic setting. A pre-survey is essential with buildings as the light needs to be on the faces visible if the images are for media and marketing use.  Any adjacent angles, fixtures, and fittings can also cast shadows, hide features and cause obstructions. Very often arranging for a quick clean-up of the grounds and the moving of vehicles can make a big difference.

A suitable take-off and landing site needs to be selected and we might put up a smaller drone for a quick survey before the actual commencement of recording images and video footage. The weather would of course have an impact on the agility and stability, safety and inconvenience to local residents.

We can also set you up with virtual reality googles to wear during the flight to dictate to the pilot where to film, take pictures or show you aspects and close ups not accessible with ladders or scaffolding.  You can stand next to or direct by radio from a remote location where you want the pilot to fly and take still images, video or make 3D maps.

Martello Tower – Felixstowe Coast Watch.
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